6 month scan, still clear

Orinoco had his 6 month scan and still no signs of secondary tumours.  We’re thinking what treatment options to move to, he’s had 8 carboplatin now. We took him for a seaside break, hopefully posting a video of him having a run. When he’s running you wouldn’t know he was missing a leg and so long as he’s running and a happy boy then life is good😄


One thought on “6 month scan, still clear”

  1. Wheeee! Yay for another A+ checkup, this is great news!

    P.S. Just wanted to let you know that by uploading videos here, you may run out of storage space soon. The best way to embed videos (we’d love more!) is to upload them to a hosting site like YouTube, then copy/paste the video URL here on a line by itself. Or you can become a Tripawds Supporter and get lots more storage space (which is what supporters help pay for). Thanks so much. Can’t wait to see more, and again, CONGRATS!

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