It’s been a year already

Hard to believe but we’ve now got to 1 year since Orinoco’s amputation.  Since then he’s had 12 rounds of carboplatin and now on metronomic therapy at home.  He happily goes to hydrotherapy every week and seems not to have noticed that he’s missing a leg yet.

He had a chest scan and there are 2 small calcifications, we are told that it doesn’t present as cancer but they won’t commit that it is definitely not osteosarcoma either.  These are common in older dogs we’re told (he’ll be 9 in November).

What’s important is that he’s here, happy, full of energy and there’s nothing stopping him!  We had photos taken of him with his galgo sister, they are too big to insert into this posting, but can be seen on the photographers site.


5 thoughts on “It’s been a year already”

  1. This is great news! Happy one year beautiful boy! Such an inspiration to others just starting out! Beautiful pictures by the way of both of you!

  2. Wow! Happy 1 year ampuversary!

    Are you in a trial? Most of us got between 4 and 6 rounds of carbo. You are the first one I have heard of to get 12.

    1. Not in a trial, he was tolerating it well, blood tests were all good throughout and scans were clear so just kept going. Stopped it when the calcification on his lungs appeared so changed to metronomic to slow down the growth in case it was cancer.
      We were told at the beginning to expect 6 so don’t think going over 6 is common.

  3. WOOOHOOO! You guys this is GREAT news, we’re so hoppy for Orinoco and you too. Thanks for letting us know and giving hope to many. ROCK ON!

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